A New, Better Project Navigation

Today we’re launching a much improved project navigation.

We used to show all your projects in the sidebar, but that got pretty unruly if you had many projects. Starting today, the sidebar only includes your favorited projects (plus the current project, of course.) How do you favorite projects? Check out the new Instrumental navigation menu!


Every project has a star next to it – those with solid stars are favorited. To favorite a project just click the star! From then on, it’ll be in the sidebar for easy access.

A few more details:

  • You can use the keyboard to open the new menu. Just hit p. You can start typing right away to filter the list. Once filtered to a single project, hitting Enter will go right to that project.
  • Want to get back to the full project listing? Clicking “View All Projects” in the new menu will take you to the full project listing you know and love.
  • Global alert count – do you see a red badge with a number in it on the new menu? That’s a new indicator of open alerts across all your projects.

We think these updates will make it easier to manage all your projects, whether you’ve got 3 or 30!

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