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What does monitoring aggregation and resolution mean?

When looking for a new APM tool, you’ll want to closely consider the following options:

  • Aggregation
  • Resolution
  • Data Storage

Instrumental aggregates all data to a 60 second resolution. We store that data for at least 13 months. Let’s break that down:

Aggregation is what we do with data points sent to us more frequently than once per time period. Read More

A New, Better Project Navigation

Today we’re launching a much improved project navigation.

We used to show all your projects in the sidebar, but that got pretty unruly if you had many projects. Starting today, the sidebar only includes your favorited projects (plus the current project, of course.) How do you favorite projects? Check out the new Instrumental navigation menu! Read More

How we used Pressable to host our WordPress Blog in a Subdirectory

We’re firm believers that developers at product companies should focus on core business problems. We try to off-load the development, and maintenance, of most non-product related technology to a cloud provider. For example, just as we’d suggest you let Instrumental handle your application monitoring, we would rather let someone else host and maintain our WordPress blog. Read More

How to Monitor User Visible Errors

Your application is going to break. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen. Data centers fail, worker boxes get saturated and disks run out of storage. It happens to the best applications.

You’ve probably got a good handle on catastrophic server failure. Smart developers keep a watchful eye on their infrastructure, and we know you’re smart. Read More

Measurement Monday

What a week! We’ve been improving the service, fixing bugs and talking to awesome new customers. New customers and existing customers alike may find our new help site useful, which you can use to send us feature requests, make suggestions about the service, and get ahold of us if you’ve been having problems. Read More

Proving What You Know

It happened again. You were loading the front page of your app again and the load time took 27 seconds. You’ve seen it before, you think, on every second Tuesday, Arbor Day, and right after every new deploy. You’ve looked at the web server log files, application server log files and your database slow query logs. Read More