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Graph Grouping

Our new graph grouping feature is live! We’re super excited about this update – groups have been one of our most requested features, and it’s already making our lives easier. Let’s take a look at how you can use it!

Creating a new group from your dashboard is easy:

Creating a new group of graphs

After creating a new group and giving it a useful name, you can move a graph to your group like so:

Adding a graph to a group

Graphs added to a group will disappear from your default dashboard view. Read More

Instrumental Feature Update: Query Language and API

When we started Instrumental, we knew that one of the big features we wanted to include was a way to interactively query the data you sent us; whether you wanted to view how many times you sent us the data, the top 25 metrics in a given group, or only graph the logarithm of a value, we knew that there was a lot more to your data than just showing you the average. Read More

Instrumental Feature Update: Enhancing the Agent

This is our third update on all the updates we’ve rolled out to Instrumental over 2012. We’ve processed a LOT of data so far this year (over 1 trillion metrics) – at any given moment we’re processing up to 700,000 data points a second from our users.

We send that data using the instrumental_agent gem, which collects your data and buffers it in a separate thread, which we later send to Instrumental.   Read More

Instrumental Feature Update: Seeing All The Data

First some fun stats:

  • Since launching in November of 2011, we’ve processed over 1 trillion metrics
  • At peak, we’ve hit 700,000 data points per second
  • We processed over 28 billion metrics on our busiest day of the year

Early users likely remember when we displayed 90 days of data. As the service and database grew we were forced to reduce this number to 30 days, and eventually 14 days to handle the quickly growing service. Read More

Instrumental Feature Update: Making the Service Even Better

We at Instrumental HQ have been hard at work, adding tons of new features and tweaking our existing features to make them even more awesome.

Lots of simple things you’ve asked for, like renaming a project, being able to backfill your data, or “being able to delete the crap out of my metrics” have all been added to Instrumental this year. Read More