Instrumental Feature Update: Making the Service Even Better

We at Instrumental HQ have been hard at work, adding tons of new features and tweaking our existing features to make them even more awesome.

Lots of simple things you’ve asked for, like renaming a project, being able to backfill your data, or “being able to delete the crap out of my metrics” have all been added to Instrumental this year. We’ve also added the ability to have us gather metrics for you; whether using our instrumental_tools  gem or the Website Response Time graph. If you’ve got data that we could be capturing for you, let us know; we have lots of ideas about what to add next, but we’re pretty sure you have even better ones.

We’ve also made a lot of improvements under the hood; like many Ruby developers, we’d been using the venerable Resque + Redis combination for our backend jobs. The combination worked great, but left us reliant on a single server for a critical piece of infrastructure. Many thanks to Github employee and Instrumental user Brandon Keepers for his customizable Qu gem, which let us make the switch.

That’s only a fraction of what we’ve done this year. Next update, we’ll tell you all about the work we’ve done to let you view TONS of data.

The Instrumental Team

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