Introducing the New Instrumental Interface

Instrumental is about to get a brand new look! For the last few months we’ve been hard at work on a modern, intuitive, and easier UI. We’ll be rolling it out to users over the next few weeks, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek now.

New Time Selector

We merged the resolution and duration dropdowns into a single global control. Now the time selector is always in the same place, whether you’re looking at a group of graphs or focusing in on just one.

Updated time selector

Reorganization: Sidebar

We’ve reorganized and simplified most of the interface, but let’s focus on the sidebar. All of your projects are now listed in the sidebar instead of hidden behind a dropdown. For the project you’re currently viewing, you can see all graph groups, access the metric explorer, and manage alerts.

Project sidebar

Improved Graph View

We spent a lot of time improving the interface for creating and viewing individual graphs. You spend most of your time there, and we wanted to make sure we got it right. The biggest change you’ll notice (aside from the new color scheme, of course) is the expression list, which is more prominent and easier to use. We also merged graph view settings, export and delete into a single dropdown. Graph options are there when you need them, ignorable when you don’t.

Graph settings dropdown

New expression list

…and more!

There’s plenty more in the new Instrumental that we haven’t talked about: our new lighter color scheme, better typography, improved usability throughout, and even a few Easter eggs.

We can’t wait to get the new Instrumental into your hands, so keep an eye out for a notification to opt-in during the beta period!

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