Measurement Monday

Happy February everyone! Last week was quite a doozy for site owners, between a new Rails vulnerability for 3.0.x and 2.3.x, high profile sites like Twitter being attacked, and Amazon suffering some rare downtime. Are you monitoring enough of your infrastructure to know when your own site is being attacked? Tracking metrics like failed login attempts, improperly formatted requests and cross domain form submit attempts can alert you in advance to someone snooping around your site. Be careful out there!

  • Twitter dev skr wrote about the Twitter stack, which is a great top level overview of how they develop and monitor the service. As you might imagine, visibility into their production code is critical to their business; tracing code execution, observing JVM effects and graphing core software metrics all allow them to keep on improving Twitter safely.

  • Noah Lorang, 37signals’ data analyst, wrote a great post entitled “Three Charts are all I need” that advocates for relying on simple, effective tools to visualize your data. The line many infographics are more like infauxgraphics sums up his point nicely: complicated information visualization techniques are more likely to hide data than they are to aid discovery.

Have a great (and hacker free) week everyone!

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