Monitoring for Docker, MongoDB, Redis and more!

Today, we’re launching InstrumentalD as a major upgrade and replacement of Instrumental Tools. Since 2011, Instrumental Tools has provided a system metrics daemon and a powerful plugin framework to write custom scripts for service monitoring.

While the ability to write fully custom service monitoring in a language of your choice is an important feature (and we’re keeping the plugin framework!), InstrumentalD includes out-of-the-box service monitoring for the following:

  1. Docker
  2. MySQL
  3. Memcached
  4. MongoDB
  5. Nginx
  6. PostgreSQL
  7. Redis
  8. (and more to come)

For each service, we’ve selected the critical metrics everyone should be monitoring, and we list each metric sent in the service documentation page. You can still maintain full control of your infrastructure monitoring through the plugin framework, but you’ll save a lot of time using InstrumentalD over writing a custom plugin if you just need the basic metrics.

Several other services are still in private beta. If you need a service not yet listed, contact and we’ll either share access to the beta, or add the service to our roadmap.

Like all of our monitoring tools, InstrumentalD allows unlimited volume of metric data for any data source. No aggregation is necessary, and just one package can monitor all of your critical systems and services.

In minutes, InstrumentalD will show you what’s working, what’s struggling, and where to focus your attention. If you don’t have an Instrumental account, sign up to get started! IF you do, kick the tires and letting us know what you think!

Instrumental Free Trial

Understanding what's happening with your software is only possible if you monitor it at the code layer. From agents to our metric-based pricing, we’re focused on making it easy to measure your code in real-time. Try Instrumental free for 30 days.