Why your Monitoring must be Cloud-First

As “The Cloud” continues to assert itself as the primary way companies manage their technology infrastructure, it’s worth asking if the software you need to monitor that infrastructure should change to match. In most cases the answer is yes, but maybe not in the way you’re expecting.

The biggest difference between traditional data center infrastructure and the cloud is flexibility. If you receive a sudden spike in traffic and you’re working with a cloud architecture, your development team can immediately add infrastructure to match. They’ll run some script and a few minutes later all problems will be solved. If you’re really steeped in cloud methodology, you’ll have something like Amazon Auto Scaling set up and your infrastructure will automatically add or remove servers to match your traffic without taking up any attention.

This is great for business, but it brings up a couple of important questions about your application performance monitoring (APM) solution:

– If you’re adding and removing servers regularly, are they all getting the monitoring they deserve?

– How are you billed for those servers? If you’re paying $150/server and you add 30 servers for 4 hours and then remove them, how much does that cost?

Cloud-first APM solutions will have clear answers to those questions. At Instrumental, we make it easy to monitor any change in infrastructure through the use of our dynamic query language. Any servers that are added/removed can also be automatically added/removed from any graphs or alerts with no extra work.

To avoid inconvenient billing scenarios, Instrumental pricing is focused entirely on how many unique things you measure and not on how many servers you have. Need to add 100 servers for a few hours? No need to sweat your bill.

Whether your application started in the cloud or is transitioning there, it’s worth asking if your APM solution is working with you or against you. If you find yourself avoiding monitoring because it’s inconvenient, maybe it’s time to find a APM product that’s as flexible as you are.

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