How we used Pressable to host our WordPress Blog in a Subdirectory

We’re firm believers that developers at product companies should focus on core business problems. We try to off-load the development, and maintenance, of most non-product related technology to a cloud provider. For example, just as we’d suggest you let Instrumental handle your application monitoring, we would rather let someone else host and maintain our WordPress blog.

Fortunately, our good friends over at Pressable are in the business of hosting WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, one of our SEO requirements was that the blog be hosted on a subdirectory. This can be easily accomplished through a reverse proxy, but Pressable does not natively support reverse proxies; nor does any other WordPress host.

We solved this by creating a WordPress plugin that adds this functionality to the blog, regardless of the hosting company. We’re sharing the full details in a guest post on Pressable’s blog: Reverse Proxying with a Hosted WordPress Site in a Subdirectory. We hope you find it useful!

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