Full stack monitoring of kitchens, drivers, and pizza

Unlike most web applications, ClusterTruck outputs hot food to your door, not HTML to your browser. Food is ordered through a web app, cooked and packaged in a kitchen managed by custom Android apps. This complex process needed monitored from start to finish.

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Better application debugging with code-level monitoring

As Lessonly’s success and application usage climbed, debugging application performance issues was eating up development time. Their existing monitoring solution let them see their basic performance stats, but only at a high level. The development team needed to focus on writing code, not tracking down performance issues.

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Monitoring mission-critical external APIs and data imports

Supreme Golf’s large partner network contains providers with varying engineering reliability. Some external partners occasionally drop data or make subtle changes to their APIs. When these issues occurred, Supreme Golf needed to know immediately and they needed to clearly communicate the problem with their partners.

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