External data sources and APIs can never be fully trusted

Across Supreme Golf’s large partner network, partners occasionally drop data or make subtle changes to their APIs. When these issues occurred, Supreme Golf needed to know immediately. Monitoring efforts were complicated by the variety of data import methods used, ranging from FTP dumps to real-time firehoses. Their monitoring platform needed the flexibility to measure a wide variety of import scenarios.

Supreme Golf also needed to share these issues with team members and partners in a consistent visual format, so any problems could be understood at a glance. Without the ability to quickly put the right data in the right hands, resolving issues in a complex system with so many different owners and moving parts was complicated and time-consuming.

Ultimately, Supreme Golf wanted to provide more accurate, up-to-date tee time data by increasing the frequency of data requests from partners. Not all of their partners were ready for this; they risked overloading some partners with too-frequent requests, and they needed to better understand the frequency their partners could handle on an individual basis.

Standardized monitoring across varying import mechanisms

After trying several internal and external application performance monitoring tools, Supreme Golf switched to Instrumental. Instrumental allows their team to standardize tracking and alerts across many data-import mechanisms. By monitoring at the code level, each mechanism is measured uniquely, but also compared across mechanisms, components, and customers. This uniformity, combined with Instrumental’s powerful query language, makes it easy for Supreme Golf to spot trends or outliers across many data partners, in real time.

When import issues occur, Supreme Golf shares real-time Instrumental graphs with partners (without providing full application access). Discussions of these problems are based on live, objective data, instead of subjective symptoms noticed at a later date. Partners can see the impact of resolution actions immediately, without back and forth “is it fixed now?” emails, phone calls, and meetings.

More up-to-date search results and better communication

With the deeper visibility into partner interactions Instrumental provides, Supreme Golf is:

  • Improving their partner relationships with faster problem identification and clear communication
  • Increasing overall data availability with immediate insight into data issues
  • Dramatically reducing the average time between partner data refreshes to under 30 minutes

Beyond streamlined engineering and partner integrations, Instrumental has given Supreme Golf the ability to use performance and usage data for project management and business development teams in partner negotiations and evidence-based roadmap planning.

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