Graphs are a visualization of one or more expressions. An expession could be as simple as a single metric name, or it could combine query language functions, groups, and time shifting to deliver a more useful visualization of your data.

Graph Groups

Groups are simply graphs grouped together for quick reference. We recommend creating groups as needed for each team (devops vs development vs product management) or for each use case (post-deploy vs database metrics). There are no limits to the number of groups you can create.

Sharing a Graph

Every graph includes buttons for sharing as either an image or an interactive, single-graph HTML page. URLs generated by the share buttons are secure for sharing with people without Instrumental accounts.

Share graph

Note In both formats, the shared graph will include the metrics on a graph at the time the export is viewed. This includes metrics added to the graph after the graph was shared.

Temporary Graphs / Metric Researching

The Instrumental graph builder is designed for rapid data discovery.

There's no need to save a graph to share it. Copy the URL to share with another Instrumental user on your team, or use the share buttons for sharing externally.

Note When shared, temporary graphs will only include the metrics on the graph at the time it was shared.

Embedding Graphs

For cases where you need to embed graphs but it's inconvenient to use share buttons in the interface, Instrumental supports the following embed URL format.
PROJECT_EMBED_TOKEN Can be found on your project settings page.
GRAPH_ID Can be found in the URL when viewing a graph.
FORMAT Can be either PNG or HTML. See below.

Warning Anyone with your project embed token will have access to view any graph or metric in your project. It is not advisable to share embed links publicly unless you intend for users to be able to view any graph in the shared project.

Query Parameters

The following parameters may be specified with either HTML or PNG format:

start The Unix timestamp in seconds (since epoch) for the intended start of the graph.
duration The duration displayed on the graph.
resolution The resolution of the graph data points.

HTML Format

The HTML format is intended for embedding via iframes or scraping. It includes a copy of Instrumental stylesheets and Javascripts; however, it will not update dynamically.

PNG Format

The PNG format may have the following additional parameters supplied:
width The desired width of the output image.
height The desired height of the output image.
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