Method Timing Metrics

Unlike the rest of the Metrician suite, method timing is a utility you need to configure per-use inside your codebase. It allows you to report timing and rate metrics about methods inside your application.

Configuration and Metrics

Metrician requires 1 configuration option be enabled in your copy of metrician.yaml, and at least one instance of configuration inside your application itself. Method timing is disabled by default.

  :enabled: false

In your code, you need to add a call to add_metrician_method_timer as in the following example.

class AddUser < Service
  def call
    # do some work in an instance method

  add_metrician_method_timer :call

  def self.calculate(user)
    # do some work in a class method

  add_metrician_method_timer :calculate
Given the above code sample, we would see the following metrics reported. average time taken to execute the method call
app.timer.add_user.self.calculate_something average time taken to execute the class method calculate

Method Timing Query Language Expressions

How often does my AddUser#call method get executed?

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