Notices are project-wide, time-based text notes. Events, such as deploys or downtime, can be easily tracked through instantaneous or duration-based notices. The only way to record a notice is through an application monitoring agent or through a direct connection to our TCP collector.

Ruby Tracking Example

All of our application monitoring agents provide support for notices. Here's an example from our Ruby monitoring agent:

I.notice('James deployed rev ef3d6a') # instantaneous event
I.notice('Testing socket buffer increase', 3.days.ago, 20.minutes) # duration event

Application Interface

Notices appear in the interface on every project graph. They will appear either as a single, vertical grey line for a no-duration event or as a larger grey block for notices with durations. On hover, they display the text from the notice with time and duration information.

An instantaneous and a duration-based notice
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