System and Service Monitoring

System metrics measure the health of the environment your application lives in. Examples of system metrics include CPU usage, disk space, and memory, just to name a few.

Service metrics come from software running in your infrastructure. This includes databases and datastores, caching services, web server software and more.


InstrumentalD is a server agent created by the Instrumental team to make it as easy as possible to collect both system metrics and service metrics.

It's currently capable of capturing metrics from the following services:

InstrumentalD runs on *nix, is simple to configure and deploy, and has a small memory footprint.

Get Started with InstrumentalD

StatsD, Statsite, Telegraf

For most setups, we strongly recommend using InstrumentalD. However, if you're currently collecting server or service metrics with StatsD, statsite or Telegraf, We’ve got you covered:

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Would you rather DIY? You can easily build your own libraries with our TCP Collector API.

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