Uptime Monitoring

With Uptime Monitors, Instrumental helps you understand one of the most important things about your software: how your customers experience it.

Each Uptime Monitor will collect the following metrics every 60 seconds:
total_time_sec Response time in seconds from our primary data center (in AWS East)
size_kb Response size in kilobytes
2xx_response_count Incremented when a response code of 2xx is returned
3xx_response_count Incremented when a response code of 3xx is returned
4xx_response_count Incremented when a response code of 4xx is returned
5xx_response_count Incremented when a response code of 5xx is returned

Uptime Monitors create metrics in the following pattern:

<underscored URL>.<metric>

For example, an Uptime Monitor for www.example.com would create this metric:


Adding Uptime Monitors

Uptime Monitors can be added and managed through each project's settings page.

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