Where to Start Monitoring

The goal of good application monitoring is to know, not believe, what’s happening with your software. We've done our best to give you effortless visibility into your AWS infrastructure, but every application is different. Different goals, different technologies, and different customers. Those differences mean that you and your team may need monitoring tailored to you.

Only you know the metrics that matter the most, but we can help you get started:

  • The feature you’re working on right now. Think about how you can test whether or not that feature is working correctly in production, then measure it.
  • The feature that is core to the value of your application. What makes your application unique? How can you be 100% confident at all times that your software is working? Monitor each step in the lifecycle of this feature.
  • The test that got away. There’s always that one test that never got written. The code might be too complex to test right now, but if you can time it or count it, you can measure it in production.
  • External services. While you rely on unit testing to ensure that your code works, how do you know if a service breaks? Or worse, merely becomes slow and affects the performance of your application without causing any errors? Monitor all services external to your application, including services that are created by other parts of your organization.
  • Critical metrics. These metrics provide clear warnings of negative changes in your applications and should be monitored in every application:
    • Requests Per Minute
    • Average Request Time
    • Worker Job Times
    • Error Counts

These metrics are an excellent start to monitoring your application. Even if they don’t tell the full story, they will let you know when an issue is occurring and put you on the path to finding the cause. When you do find other parts of your system that need monitoring, you’ll have a system ready to deliver the insights you need.

If you’d like deeper application monitoring assistance, contact us at support@instrumentalapp.com. We’d be happy to connect you with a monitoring engineer for a free consultation or training session.

Questions? We can help!