With the Instrumental Query Language, you can transform, aggregate and time-shift data to get the perfect visualization of exactly what's happening in your software.

Correlate Across Your Stack

Why did your application response time increase last week? Compare response_time against CPU usage, background worker congestion, database utilization, or any other server or application metrics.

See the Big Picture (and the little ones)

Visualize groups of metrics with wildcards without losing sight of individual metrics. Group metrics together with average functions. Simplify the reading of more complex functions with aliases.

Find the Signal in the Noise

Instrumental Query Language lets you filter by the top N (or bottom N) metrics in a metric group, remove spikiness with moving averages, compare related data in disparate value ranges by normalizing, and much more.

Analyze Performance Changes Over Time

Compare this week with last week, or last quarter, or even last year. All data is stored for at least 13 months at a 60s resolution, so detailed historical analysis is always available.

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