Full-stack Monitoring

Automatic data collection, real-time visualizations, and intelligent alerts across your stack

Uniquely Powerful

Easily transform, aggregate and time-shift data with the Instrumental Query Language

Predictable Pricing

Expand your infrastructure without worry with transparent, per-metric pricing

Extreme Scale

Every second, over two million datapoints are processed by Instrumental

Application Monitoring

Broad Visibility

Instrumental measures every aspect of your application’s performance, including request times, database times, errors and exceptions, background jobs, caching, server capacity, custom metrics, and more.

Flexible Configuration

For less than $3/month, Instrumental captures the most important application-wide metrics - but can be easily configured to capture data at deeper levels (such as per-controller, or per-method) when you need robust troubleshooting data.

Gems & External Services

Your application is more than your code. Instrumental automatically monitors popular gems such as ActiveRecord, Redis, Memcached, Delayed Job, Sidekiq, Resque, Honeybadger, and more, as well as the average response time of your external services.

Uniquely Powerful

Instrumental Query Language

An intuitive query language lets you quickly transform, aggregate and time-shift data to get the perfect visualization of what's happening in your application.

Intelligent Alerts

With full-stack monitoring and our query language, alerts become more than simple up and down notices. Instead, gain awareness of performance issues before they cause critical failures.

Built for Developers

Instrumental is what we wanted an application monitoring platform to be: lightning fast interface, easy custom monitoring, real-time metrics, keyboard shortcuts, Iitegrated sharing, and much more.

13 Months of Data Storage

All production plans include over a year of data storage at full, one-minute resolution. We won’t aggregate or down-scale your data over time, allowing for accurate year-to-year comparisons.

Server Monitoring

Automatic Collection

The InstrumentalD daemon automatically collects system metrics and monitors Docker, MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis and more. Plugin scripts let you easily expand monitoring to arbitrary processes and system events.

Automatic Dashboards + Graphs

For each service, Instrumental creates a dashboard with graphs for the primary metrics. Full setup of your Instrumental account takes only a few minutes, the rest is automatic.

Worry & Maintenance Free

Every production plan includes a billion datapoints a day. We can process your entire data stream and will preserve it at full, one-minute, resolution for over twelve months.

Pricing that Scales

Pricing based on what you choose to measure, not arbitrary technical details like volume or hosts.


    Up to 500 Metrics
    3 Hours of Data Visibility


    Unlimited Metrics
    13 Months of Data Visibility
    metric / day


    Need 50k+ metrics?
    Need more throughput?

Pay for What You Use

With Instrumental, you only pay for metrics. No counting hosts, no worrying about volume, no counting team members. You should pay to know, not to grow.

No Throughput Anxiety

Sending the same metric thousands of times per minute? No problem! Over a million datapoints flow through Instrumental every second. Every Production Plan includes up to a billion datapoints per day.

Proven Reliability

Instrumental is trusted by companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

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