Better software requires smarter monitoring.

Metrics Driven Development is easy with Instrumental’s customizable
application performance monitoring

Instrumental was built from the ground up to support custom application, infrastructure, and performance monitoring. It helps you collect, transform, and visualize metrics across your entire infrastructure to answer important questions like:

  1. How did that deploy affect API error rates?
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  2. Which of our customers is about to overwhelm the servers?
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  3. What's our next performance problem…and when will it happen?
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  4. Which features are getting used the most? By who?
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  5. How has performance of this component changed since last week?
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This level of insight requires more than an out-of-the-box agent and basic uptime monitoring. Your software is custom, your test suite is custom,
and your monitoring should be custom.

Black box

Production software is a black box

Instrumental gives you the tools to look inside that box. Here’s how.

Tailored Metrics and Queries.

Get as granular and complex as you need to gain the right insights from your software. Learn More

Real-Time Interaction.

Quickly and easily investigate the state of your software with exploratory graphing - especially when there’s trouble. Learn More

Visualizations that Communicate.

Rapidly digestible data that drives true understanding and helps you communicate to others with precision and clarity. Learn More

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest companies monitor their applications at massive scale.

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