1. How did that deploy affect API error rates?
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  2. Which of our customers is about to overwhelm the servers?
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  3. What's our next performance problem…and when will it happen?
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  4. Which features are getting used the most? By whom?
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  5. How has performance of this component changed since last week?
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Questions like these can be hard to answer. Here’s how Instrumental can help:

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Dig Deeper

Transform, aggregate and time-shift data with the Instrumental Query Language. Its powerful functions give you the control to transform your data into relevant visualizations.

Application Monitoring

Understanding what’s happening with your software is only possible if you monitor it at the code layer. From agents to our metric-based pricing, we’re focused on making it easy to measure your code in real-time.

Trusted Agents

Our feature-rich, never-blocking agents are available for .Net, Java, Node.js, PHP , Python and Ruby.

And if you use StatsD or Statsite, we’ve got you covered, too.

Advanced Alerts

Get more than up or down notifications with alerts based on the Instrumental Query Language.

Server Monitoring

Collect critical server metrics on any major server platform with Instrumental Tools.

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Pricing that Scales

Pricing based on what you choose to measure, not arbitrary technical details like volume or hosts.


    300 Unique Metrics
    $150 / mo


    1,000 Unique Metrics
    $350 / mo

    Scale Up

    3,000 Unique Metrics
    $750 / mo


    Need more metrics?

Unique Metrics

With Instrumental, you only pay for unique metrics. No counting hosts, no worrying about volume, no counting team members. You should pay to know, not to grow.

Unlimited Volume

Sending the same metric thousands of times per minute? No problem! Over 500,000 events flow through Instrumental every second. Every plan includes unlimited metric volume.

Proven Reliability

Instrumental is trusted by companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

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