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Some of the biggest companies in the world rely on us for their application monitoring.

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Massive scale

Custom Metrics, at Your Scale

Measure the data that matters to you using custom metrics, at the scale of your business. Get instant visibility into exactly how your application is doing at every level, from server load to user facing features.

series_top_n(10, collector.*_*.metrics_received)
Show me the 10 hosts receiving the most metrics
web.request.metrics @ 24 hrs
Show me web requests from 24 hours ago
Show me the sum of running processes on all hosts

High Performance, Deep Analysis

Solve difficult technical problems faster with Instrumental's powerful query language. Create temporary graphs to help squash an annoying bug. Track new feature adoption with a group of graphs, then share with your entire team. It's your data: we just make it easier for you to understand.

Dashboards alerts

Alerts, Dashboards & More

Get your hands on the information you need to make smarter decisions. Use our real time dashboards to share application performance with your team, and set up alerts to let you know when things go awry. We keep you in touch with your application, with no servers to maintain or configure.


No complicated pricing grids here. Your cost is based on your monitoring, not your traffic.


per month
  • 300 unique metrics
  • unlimited metric volume*
  • unlimited hosts
  • unlimited team members


per month
  • 1,000 unique metrics
  • unlimited metric volume*
  • unlimited hosts
  • unlimited team members

Scale Up

per month
  • 3,000 unique metrics
  • unlimited metric volume*
  • unlimited hosts
  • unlimited team members


Need more than 3000 metrics? Get in touch! We’re experts at scaling massive applications.
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* - We impose a soft limit of 2,000,000,000 data points per month, but we’ll contact you when you approach it (rather than shutting you down.)
For the vast majority of users, metric volume is effectively unlimited. Need more? Enterprise is the way to go.

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Instrumental is incredible. Super fast data collection. Excellent support. And the graphing capabilities are amazing. Never worked with a vendor who understood integrals, let alone allowed you to express it on your graphs!

Matt brown
Matt Brown
Director, Software Engineering

 Salesforce Marketing Cloud