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Simply connect to our industry-leading AWS CloudWatch integration and you’ll instantly have dashboards, graphs, and alerts for EC2, CloudFront, RDS, EBS, Redshift, ElastiCache, Lambda, and more.

Monitoring you can understand

Everything Included, Everything Explained

Most monitoring systems expect you to understand dozens or hundreds of metrics based on just a few words. Every one of our graphs, dashboards, and alerts includes a clear and concise description of what is being monitored and why it's important. When applicable, the descriptions also include recommended remediation steps.
ELB Spillover Count
Requests that were rejected because the surge queue is full
MySQL Network I/O
Changes in network traffic. This is useful for detecting spikes in traffic or uneven load across database servers.
RDS Network Throughput
Incoming and outgoing network traffic on the DB instance, including both customer database traffic and Amazon RDS traffic used for monitoring and replication
Lambda Throttles
Number of invocations attempts that were throttled due to invocation rates exceeding the concurrent limits (for all functions)
...and more!

Expand beyond AWS

Tools to monitor your whole stack (if you need it)

All AWS graphs and alerts are immediately and automatically available, but you can extend your monitoring with the InstrumentalD daemon and get metrics for servers and services including Docker, MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and others. Need more? Any part of your application can be monitored with just one line with any of our agents, and with our powerful query language, you can transform, aggregate, and time-shift data to get the perfect visualization.

Easy navigation

Quickly find anything you want

Regardless of how large your infrastructure, finding the right graph, alert, or dashboard is simple and fast with our search-based navigation. Just start typing, and we’ll help find what you’re looking for.

Effortless alerting

Get notified about problems, wherever you are

In addition to being easy to understand, Instrumental's alerts are designed for maximum flexibility. They can also be sent via text SMS, email, and webhooks, which allows for easy integration into any platform, including AWS Lambda functions.

Simple and flexible pricing

Pricing that Scales — Starting with Free

With Instrumental, you only pay for metrics — no counting servers or containers. Our free plan includes up to 500 metrics and paid plans are typically less than $50/month. You can even fine-tune your metric usage by adjusting the AWS regions, services, and metrics you want to monitor.
to start
Development projects include:
  • Up to 500 metrics
  • 13 months of data visibility
  • No user or throughput limits
Upgrade at any time for more metrics. See pricing.
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