Author: Matthew Gordon

Why your Monitoring must be Cloud-First

As “The Cloud” continues to assert itself as the primary way companies manage their technology infrastructure, it’s worth asking if the software you need to monitor that infrastructure should change to match. In most cases the answer is yes, but maybe not in the way you’re expecting.

The biggest difference between traditional data center infrastructure and the cloud is flexibility. Read More

The Super-Fast Quick-Start Guide to Monitoring the Right Things in Your Application.

Deciding what to measure is hard, and even daunting at first. There’s a ton of code in your project and you don’t want to just slap a gaggle of useless metrics in there. Your measurement should mean something, dammit! On the other hand, it would be nice if it didn’t take forever to get started :)

Don’t worry – getting started doesn’t have to take forever. Read More

Application Monitoring Is The New Unit Testing

Once upon a time, automated testing was not a popular idea. It was too expensive. It was too time-consuming. At best, it was a nice-to-have.

The prevailing idea was that if you were a good and careful software developer, regressions weren’t a problem. When a regression did happen (rarely, of course), the good and careful software developer that you are would carefully consider why it had happened and make a correction to prevent it from happening again. Read More