Author: Instrumental Team

How we used Pressable to host our WordPress Blog in a Subdirectory

We’re firm believers that developers at product companies should focus on core business problems. We try to off-load the development, and maintenance, of most non-product related technology to a cloud provider. For example, just as we’d suggest you let Instrumental handle your application monitoring, we would rather let someone else host and maintain our WordPress blog. Read More

Regarding Friday’s Data

Instrumental customers,

Unfortunately this past Friday (April 19th), Instrumental ceased displaying up to the minute data for a period approaching 15 hours. Astute observers of the app and our Twitter account (@instrumentalapp) have likely noticed that this is the worst of a series of graph delays that have been occurring for the past month. Read More

Measurement Monday

What a week! We’ve been improving the service, fixing bugs and talking to awesome new customers. New customers and existing customers alike may find our new help site useful, which you can use to send us feature requests, make suggestions about the service, and get ahold of us if you’ve been having problems. Read More

Making a Simple Status Bar for Your App

It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of building lightweight tools. A simple status bar provides substantial insight to devs and admins, is unobtrusive, and can be implemented in an afternoon.


Why should I do this?

By keeping indicators of app health visible during general site usage, errors get caught earlier. Time usually wasted flipping back and forth between the app and sources of key metrics while troubleshooting is reduced. Read More