Free Application & Server Monitoring + New Metered Pricing

We’ve updated Instrumental’s pricing to be fully metered and we replaced our 30-day trial with an entirely free Development Plan. While Instrumental’s pricing has been usage-based for a long time, this new model eliminates our plans and minimum spend requirements. With no minimum monthly spend, Instrumental is now a much better fit for smaller projects.

The free Development plan is limited to three hours of data visibility and 500 metrics (contact us if you need a bit more). Obviously, three hours delivers limited benefits, but it provides a peek into the power of the Instrumental Query Language and our streamlined interface. And unlike our previous 30-day trial, a completely free monitoring plan allows for full setup and deployment into production environments. Now you can take your time to compare a full Instrumental installation to your existing server and application monitoring toolset.

Like our previous pricing, our new model is entirely based on your metric usage – not estimated from the number of hosts, datapoints, or team members. Not only does this provide you with the most control over the cost of your application and server monitoring, we think it’s the fairest model. It’s directly tied to your usage and the knowledge you gain from your monitoring. You pay only for each unique thing you want to measure.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the new pricing, or just sign up for a free account!

Instrumental Free Trial

Understanding what's happening with your software is only possible if you monitor it at the code layer. From agents to our metric-based pricing, we’re focused on making it easy to measure your code in real-time. Try Instrumental free for 30 days.