New Features: Graph Descriptions & Creation Metadata

We’re excited to announce two improvements to Instrumental that’ll make it easier to understand the context of your application and server monitoring graphs.

Graph Descriptions

Sometimes you need more than a title to describe what a graph is monitoring (or what it might be telling you). Maybe the metric expression isn’t obvious. Maybe you need to add some tidbit of crucial information not represented in the metric expressions. So now you can add descriptive context that’s right there every time you look at the graph. Or you can put directions to baking your favorite pie in there. Whatever you want!

a gif of adding a description to a graph

Graph Creation Metadata

Now we store and display the creator of every graph. This is great if someone (it was me) didn’t set a description on their graph and you need to figure out what it’s for. We can’t backfill the data for old graphs, so this is only for newly created graphs.

Metadata reads "Created by Joel Meador on Tue, Dec 6, 2016 4:15PM EST"

See you next time!

bill and ted playing air guitar

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