Instrumental Application Monitoring for Windows Servers

One of the best parts about running a service devoted to monitoring is that we get to talk to lots of folks near and dear to our hearts: System Administrators. When we do, we tell them about our Instrumental Tools monitoring software, that lets them start capturing server metrics in seconds. And that’s when a large number of them ask us: what about Windows?

We’re happy to say our answer is now just use our Windows installer, and we’ll capture the same system metrics that we collect on Linux machines. And since the latest version of our server monitoring agent supports custom instrumentation, we added PowerShell integration for our new Windows friends as well.

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough information about your Windows app? Do you need a more comprehensive way to see how your entire application behaves, correlating metrics from your SQL server machine, frontend and user behaviors?

Download and install our Windows monitoring software and .NET app library to get real-time application monitoring right now.

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