Instrumental Feature Update: Query Language and API

When we started Instrumental, we knew that one of the big features we wanted to include was a way to interactively query the data you sent us; whether you wanted to view how many times you sent us the data, the top 25 metrics in a given group, or only graph the logarithm of a value, we knew that there was a lot more to your data than just showing you the average.

That’s why we created the Instrumental Query Language to let you express your data in any number of different ways; we launched the query language with a handful of functions, but knew you’d have some great ideas for us. After receiving your feedback, we’ve added things like historical comparison, logarithmic value and basic mathematical operators to the language to let you express your data however you’d like.

We also incorporated the language into the latest version of the Instrumental API, which many of you have been using to build awesome looking dashboards that communicate app data to your whole team. It’s been incredibly exciting to see you build tools that pull your data back out of Instrumental.

The query language is one cool feature among many, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the rest of 2012 and beyond. Thanks for a fantastic year so far.

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