Instrumental Feature Update: Seeing All The Data

First some fun stats:

  • Since launching in November of 2011, we’ve processed over 1 trillion metrics
  • At peak, we’ve hit 700,000 data points per second
  • We processed over 28 billion metrics on our busiest day of the year

Early users likely remember when we displayed 90 days of data. As the service and database grew we were forced to reduce this number to 30 days, and eventually 14 days to handle the quickly growing service. 2 weeks is ok for establishing local trends, but we wanted to get back to 90 days, and beyond.  Supporting extended timeframes while processing massive amounts of metrics required a rewrite of our time series storage layer.

We built special tools on the backend to allow this, where we dynamically select one of multiple datastores based on the interval of data you’re interested in. This coupled with a new backend architecture we built to handle millions of writes per second lets us show you all your data while scaling with your app’s load. This lets us get back the 30 and 90 month views, as well as including longer range views up to a year in length.

This was one of our most heavily requested features, and it was really gratifying to ship this to you. We’re really excited to add to the architecture we built, and look forward to hearing from you on what else we can do to help analyze your data.

While we’ve been increasing backend performance, we’ve also increased Agent stability. Our next update will tell you all about the improvements we’ve made to the instrumental_agent gem.

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