New Feature: Super-Fast CloudWatch Integration

While Instrumental offers broad support and integrations for application, server, service, and custom monitoring, certain AWS data is only available within the AWS CloudWatch service. Over the past few months, we’ve been testing a deep integration with CloudWatch and are excited to release it to all users.

Like the rest of Instrumental, our CloudWatch integration is designed to be simple, configurable, and lightning-fast. And unlike other monitoring platforms, CloudWatch data generally appears in under two minutes. To get started, simply connect your AWS account to your Instrumental project within the project settings, select your desired AWS services, and then jumpstart your project with our premade dashboards and graphs for each service.

Once integrated, you can quickly explore and troubleshoot your application performance without logging into AWS or digging through the CloudWatch interface. Adding metrics to graphs is just one step: a simple textbox with auto-complete, wildcards, and Instrumental query language functions. Pricing is based on standard Instrumental pricing, but the configurability of the CloudWatch integration provides a lot of flexibility. Metrics can be enabled or disabled at the region, service, or metric-level. For additional cost management, metric frequency can also be adjusted.

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