New Features: Alert Management Upgrades

Over the past few months, we’ve been steadily upgrading Instrumental’s alert management features! We’ve improved the overall user interface to make working with alerts faster and easier and added new features, such as:

Real-Time Alert Badges

Throughout the application, in both the menus and on the alert pages, alerts and the red open-alerts badges will update in real-time. In the top navigation bar, the badge will update across all of your projects — not just the project you’re currently viewing.

Playbooks / Descriptions

One of the biggest challenges in monitoring is sharing actionable information at the time and place it’s needed. With Instrumental’s alert playbooks, you can easily describe next steps and related information directly in email notifications and on the alert page. Playbooks can accept plain text or Markdown.

Change & Alert History

We’ve expanded the alert history to include any edits to alert configuration. Any changes will show both the old and the new versions of the configuration, as well as the user who made the change. 

Alert Disablement

You can now easily disable an individual alert. This is ideal for testing and maintenance when you know false alerts are likely to be triggered.

Instrumental Free Trial

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