Application Monitoring

Application metrics measure the health of your application. Examples of application metrics include feature usage, error rates, and page generation times, just to name a few. Conversely, server metrics measure the health of the environment your application lives in. Examples of server metrics include CPU usage, disk space, and connection count.

Automatic Application Monitoring

If you're working on a Ruby app , you can automatically monitor it using our Metrician gem. You can read more in our Metrician installation guide. Want automated metrics for your language and platform? Let us know what you’re using!

What should I measure?

It is sometimes difficult to know exactly what to measure. Check out our guide on where to start monitoring. also look at our comprehensive metrics cheatsheet, where we list all the most important metrics to consider.

Software Agents

Our agents are easy to install and easy to use. Don’t use one of the languages below? Let us know what you’d use!

Using StatsD or statsite? We’ve got you covered with our StatsD backend and statsite sink

Other Languages

Don't use any of these languages? We may have an agent in your language in a private beta, so get in touch! You can also easily build your own agent with our TCP Collector API. Regardless of programming language, consider starting with monitoring your servers with InstrumentalD.

Need help?

We want to help you! Email us at and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you up and running with Instrumental.

Questions? We can help!