Exception Metrics

If your application uses Honeybadger to record exceptions, Metrician can also automatically report when exceptions are raised to Instrumental to get an integrated view of application performance and exceptions.


Metrician requires 2 configuration options be set in your copy of metrician.yaml to report exception metrics. Exception metrics are disabled by default. For each exception raise, Metrician can be configured to report the exception name as part of the metric as well. The following are the default settings.

  :enabled: false
    :enabled: true
    :enabled: false


app.exception.raise the count of exceptions raised by your application
app.exception.raise.%lt;exception_class_name> the count of specific exception raised by your application

Exception Metrics Query Language Expressions

If you've enabled <exception_specific> metric reporting and wanted to know the percentage of exceptions an exception MissingPasswordError make up of the whole, add the following expression to a graph:

app.exception.raise.missing_password_error / app.exception.raise * 100
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