Installing Metrician

Metrician automatically collects key metrics about your application. It's currently supported in the following agents:

  • Ruby , as of v2.0.0

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Ruby Installation

Metrician can be installed on it's own, but it's automatically included by our Ruby agent. Here's how to install it:

gem install instrumental_agent

Then in your app's intialization code, add the following:

require "instrumental_agent"

#--- the agent automatically does this setup for you ---#
# require "metrician"
# Metrician.activate(I)

Now when you run your app (and make some requests or run some jobs) you should see new metrics appearing in your Instrumental project.

Next: Configuration

Metrician collects application metrics without any configuration. However, these metrics are very high level and can be configured to be more detailed in the parts of your application you want to monitor more closely - or disabled in the parts you do not. Learn about Metrician configuration.

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