Has your application performance slowed? Did that API you rely on stop working? Does that new feature use up too much CPU? Full stack monitoring lets you visualize and correlate the performance of your application and your infrastructure.

Automated System & Service Monitoring

The InstrumentalD daemon automatically collects metrics for servers and services such as Docker, MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and others. And pre-made graphs are available for critical metrics so you can be setup in minutes.

CloudWatch Integration

Simplify your monitoring with all data, alerts, and graphs on one easy-to-use platform. Our CloudWatch integration combines the power of Instrumental's query language, advanced alerts, and long-term data retention with the breadth of CloudWatch's AWS monitoring. As always, pricing based on metrics used—not hosts—can offer significant savings over other monitoring platforms.

Fast & Easy Application Monitoring

Monitor any part of your application with just one line with any of our agents. We currently support .Net, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby. And if you're already using StatsD or Statsite, we’ve got those too.

Truly Understand your Application

How did your latest deploy impact the performance of your most important feature? Which users are generating a high number of expensive background jobs? Has that third-party service you rely on slowed down recently? Without monitoring across your entire stack, it’s impossible to answer all these questions.

A Billion Datapoints, No Aggregation

Every production plan includes a billion datapoints a day, and we can handle your entire data stream without any aggregation or additional work on your end. Unlike others, we don’t require you to setup and host a StatsD daemon to send us application metrics.

Monitor without Fear

Our .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby agents won’t block your application, create exceptions, or add delays while sending metrics - even if the agent is unable to connect to the Instrumental servers.

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